Sunday, 23 September 2012

MovieStarPlanet Different Languages

This blog post is going to be about different languages. First I'm going to make links for all the different languages and then I'll tell you something fun to do.

  1. French:
  2. English:
  3. German:
  4. Dutch:
  5. Polish:
  6. Swedish:
  7. Danish:
  8. Finnish:
  9. Turkish:
  10. Norwegian:
So you can just click on the links and it will take you there. OK. So now for the fun thing. I will give you another link: Google Translate The reason you need the translator is because you can click on one of the other links (e.g, Finnish) and create an account on that language. Then go on Google Translate and select that language. Then type in what you want to say, see it come up on your language, highlight and copy the text in the different language, go on the foreign MovieStarPlanet site and paste what you want to say! Hope you enjoy bye!
P.S please may you leave a comment because this took me a whole hour!

MovieStarPlanet Link

Hi guys I have been doing a lot of MovieStarPlanet posts so I just want to give you the link: Be aware that clicking this opens a new tab and will not be a Blogger site.

MovieStarPlanet Break Ups And Falling Out

On MovieStarPlanet break ups and falling out is common. Talking about this I want to give a quick shout out to bella blue 11 today she's lost all her best friends. Poor bella. Anyway so I have a few agony aunt questions and advice for you if this happens. Let's start with the agony aunt things.
'I had a fight with my best friend once but that's all fine, just that the other day she said some mean stuff but the next day she bought me a wish. I am confused about that.'
'Well either your old best friend misses you or she is sorry about saying that mean stuff; and either way that means she feels bad about the her-and-you thing. And if you miss her it sounds as if she misses you so perhaps ask her if you can be best friends again.'
'Me and my ex boyfriend broke up and he knows I have another boyfriend now but he keeps asking me out again and again! It's getting ever so annoying!'
'Well just tell him that it's getting annoying. Perhaps try and find him a girlfriend so he won't annoy you so.'
OK so that was the agony aunt and I just want to give shreyasboy3 a shoutout. I've been on MSP for a bit in between writing this post and my best friend shruthigirl1234 was online and - long story. I was going to buy her a wish and she said that she would ask her bro to tell her how to get Star Coins quickly, so shruthigirl said her bro liked her outfit and that he had a crush on me so he logged on, and we just became boyfriend and girlfriend. Then these two people wanted to have their wedding in my house, and then they broke up. Anyway, now I should give you some advice. For starters, don't you let break ups get you upset! You'll probably make up soon, and if you don't it will probably be for the best of it. Well I've written a pretty long post now and shreyasboy3 is waiting for me so bye!

MovieStarPlanet Hacked Tips

Hi and this is my thirteenth post but this one is about MovieStarPlanet and hacking. Getting hacked is very rare but it can still happen. There is one very, very famous MovieStarPlanet hacker called anonymous. Highlight these words with your cursor and find out about anonymous.
You can usually find her in chat rooms. She hasn't made any art books or movies like the whole account is based on. She hasn't got any friends or best friends or a boyfriend on the website (I remember as once when I was in the chat room with her in someone actually went and asked her on a date!). SHE DOESN'T TAKE CLOTHES!!! 
Now if the highlighted part didn't work just leave a comment. I hate to scare you but anonymous is back with her new moto, 'Nobody's safe'. So to keep safe just don't breathe a word about your password.

MovieStarPlanet Gifts, Trades And Wishes

Hi! This post is about MovieStarPlanet wishlists. Usually if you are VIP or a high level people tend to ask you for 'wishies'. Now I get that a lot. If you start to get annoyed by it you can just ignore it or just say no. And if they say they are going to 'report' you, don't worry, either they won't or you wouldn't get into trouble for saying no to buying someone a wish. I mean, why should we spend our money on them if they are just going to 'report' us? Anyway, now for gifts. Gifts aren't the same as wishes, as you don't have to buy them. It is if you have an item you don't want you can either recycle it or give it away as a gift. Usually people would rather trade then give the things away. There are two types of trading. The usual one is when the two people make looks of each other and they basically swap the looks, and the second type is kind of hard to explain. Some moviestars make 'trade books' on the art books in Movietown and trade them. OK so that was my MovieStarPlanet gifts, trades and wishes. Bye!

MovieStarPlanet Famous Moviestars

Hi and this is my blog post about famous moviestars. For MovieStarPlanet, anyway. So, as the fifth best moviestar is Candried who is level twenty three and has 2.141.955 Star Coins, in fourth place there is pandypolo who is level twenty three too, and has 2.8383. 636 Star Coins, and as third place there is Lucky Lilly, level twenty three with a massive amount of Star Coins with 2.347.989, and my favourite moviestar in second place is the totally awesome DiaVanille on a shocking level twenty four, and the best moviestar is called ishacool, a LEVEL TWENTY FIVE with a massive 4.606.028 Star Coins. That was the five best moviestars on MovieStarPlanet. Now the highest leveled friend of mine is called vanessa1234521 and has a ton of starcoins. Anyway I think my next blog I'll be talking about wish lists, gifts and trades. Bye!

MovieStarPlanet Fame And StarCoins

Hi! This is another MovieStarPlanet post for you, this one about fame, leveling up and Star Coins. Let's start with fame. There are different ways of earning fame, like autographs (earn you fame and Star Coins),  people watching your movies, people loving your rooms, art books and looks and VIP's earn more fame. Actually if you have diamonds you can spin the wheel of fame, and if you have enough fame to be level three or higher, you can buy the double fame booster. It's so much easier. Though do keep in mind if you want diamonds you have to pay with real money. OK. Now I will tell you about how to earn Star Coins. You can earn them by playing fun games in chat rooms (If you have a pet take it into a pet park chat rooms, click on everyone else's pets and click the heart to pet them, and the higher the pets level the more money you get), if other moviestars buy your looks,  if other moviestars to watch your movies and if you invite a friend and they become level three you earn two hundred Star Coins. Now. For leveling up. You should all start on level zero when you first create an account. I think you have to earn about 100 fame points and you get to level one, and just keep earning fame. Every time you level up the fame goal for the next level gets bigger and bigger every time. So I hoped that helped and I will be doing my next post about famous moviestars. Bye!